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Get ready for the International Baseball Festival

Next week is the start of the International Baseball Festival held in Ashbourne in Co. Meath. Come out and watch a high level of baseball. The Irish National team will be competing against teams from Belgium, Mexico and the US. The schedule is outlined below.

Exhibition Games

Wednesday, 19th August

15:00 Venezuela vs Mexico
18:45 Ireland vs Mexico
Food by “Mero Mero Mexico”


International Baseball Festival

Thursday, 20th August

11:00 Ireland Cadets vs Netherlands
14:00 USA vs Mexico
17:00 Opening Ceremony
18:00 Ireland vs Belgium

Friday, 21st August

11:00 Netherlands vs Ireland Cadets
14:00 USA vs Belgium
18:00 Mexico vs Ireland

Saturday, 22nd August

11:00 Mexico vs Belgium
15:00 Ireland vs USA

Sunday, 23rd August
11:00 3rd/4th Playoff Game
15:00 Grand Final
18:00 Closing Ceremony
Food by “The Big Grill” – Thursday to Sunday

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