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The Baseball Pitcher

Offence can win you some games. Defence will win you more games. Defence and pitching win championships.

Overall goals – what it takes to be a great pitcher.
1. To learn the basics of the three fundamentals of pitching, the ABC?s, or TTT?s. They are:
a) Training ? how to get in and stay in shape for pitching. An out of shape pitcher will throw as well as an out of shape sprinter will run.
b) Technique ? how to master the mechanics of pitching. Proper technique adds speed and movement to pitches and helps the pitcher throw strikes.
c) Thinking ? how to think like a winner on the mound. If you don?t think you will throw a strike, you won?t! If you don?t think you can win, you won?t! Courage and confidence come from training, proper technique and thinking, control and success.

2. To learn to be a winner – on and off the field. A person, player or team that earns respect, respects others first. Do unto others as you want others to do unto you. Respect yourself, your team, your coach, the umpires, the game and others. Poor sports may sometimes win, but they are always viewed as losers.

3. To learn and practice, practice and practice to become a level 3 pitcher. A level 1 pitcher throws strikes; a level 2 pitcher throws strikes outside; a level 3 pitcher throws low strikes on both sides of the plate.

Game goals – what you need to do when pitching in game situations.
Thousands of pitchers who throw in the 90?s never make it in the minor or major leagues because they cannot throw strikes.

1. The goal is control! A pitcher?s goal is not winning a nine inning game, or to have a 3.00 ERA over the course of the season; it is to get the next pitch exactly where you want it to go. One mistake on one pitch can mean losing a ballgame, or a season.
Control is the goal, control is the goal, control is the goal!

2. The goal for each inning.
a) Keep the ball low and on the outside half of the plate.
b) Throw a first strike to every batter.
c) Keep the first batter off base.

3. The goal for after the game.
To repair the arm and prepare the arm for the next game.

Future goals.
After mastering control, you can work on speed and spin.

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