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Derby Time!!

It?s July and that time of year when the citizens are divided and the real issues are muddied by rising passions. Friends become enemies as the bragging reaches a fever pitch. So bad was it last year, an American diplomat has been brought in to oversee the situation this time around. Yes it?s the Greystones Mariners North-South derby game; the most contentious of the year.
While the Twelfth may garner some attention nationwide, the baseball denizens of Greystones, with their colours lathered brightly on the kerbstones, turn their attention to Dr. Hickey Park next Saturday the 19th for the annual battle between North and South Greystones. It may not be epic in scale, but it sure means a lot to the winners and losers and with this only the second derby, the Southsiders are eager to get there name etched on the Murray Cup and to drink a toast from its hallowed bowl.
Both team captains are pulling out all the stops to assure victory with the definition of who qualifies to play becoming an increasingly foggy area. Rumour has it that anyone who lives in North America qualifies for the North team. Southside captain Nails O?Riordan has even called his troops together for a training session and might regret the fact when he realises whose on his roster. And in what may be deemed an act of brazen overconfidence, Gareth Kelly the Northside captain hasn?t even bothered calling his lot at all, perhaps assured the buzz the game generates will spur his team on to defend their title. Let?s hope they show up.
So to a prediction. If one was to analyse the team personnel, with the Northside having the pitchers and the Southside having the hitters, you could be up all night trying to separate the sides. However one key factor sways the balance; Greystones has its own groundhog. Actually it doesn’t. Scrap all that Richie Power nonsense. I didn’t realise he played for the losing South last year. The North to win; pitching is baseball, after all.

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