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Young Turks

by pauleile
Sunday 25 May 2003 – 13:01:15

May 24th Northstars 5 Mariners 24.

Two victories yesterday; one for love the other for money. With slightly less than a 1 in 6 chance and a loan from Richie Power (Who did take his cut of the winnings), I managed to recoup the cost of a fine Indian meal and go home with a little extra following an exciting contest. It was close right up until the final moments, with the tension mounting as the outcome remained uncertain, but it was the unfancied young Turks that pulled ahead sealing victory in the last vote of the evening and capping a great double victory on the day for this coach. Yes, I drew Turkey in the Eurovision pool, oh and there was a baseball game as well.
And a great game for the Mariners it was too. After a scoreless first inning, the Mariners came out swinging, scored 4 runs in the 2nd and never looked back. They piled pressure on the Northstars right throughout the line-up. Everyone put the ball in play and moved runners around the base-paths. Shortstop Gareth Donnelly finished the day with 7 RBI?s following a 3 run homer and a base clearing triple. Iain Duncan had 2 successful bunts, Stephan Hayes hit 2 over the right field wall, and Cian O?Donovan hit long ball; it was that kind of offensive day. Second base was stolen frequently and Conor Duncan even tried to bury himself underneath it at one point.
The defence wasn?t bad either. Darragh Jones was once again master of the rubber. If only we had a mound? The Mariner infield took care of the groundballs and they got outs in the air with the outfield in particular having a great afternoon. And that last line-drive out?well it didn?t end in the hands of Cian O?Donovan, as he was in right-field. It did however find the glove of Steve Lowe?playing 2nd base.
The Mariners are now 3-1 for the season, with the Hurricanes due out in Greystones on the 7th of June. Thanks to all those who came out to support, and to those Northstars that stuck around for the friendly. It really was an enjoyable day!

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