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Senior Youth Squad 2006

by Commissioner
Tuesday 14 February 2006 – 20:12:59

2007 Senior Youth Squad (U16s)

The Mariners U16s took part in their first competitive games this year at the Dublin Youth Tournament at Corkagh Park, Clondalkin, on May 12. Also taking part were the Kerry Green Sox, Portstewart Eagles, and a brand new team, the Cavan Comets.

The Mariners won the tournament with victories against all three teams!

Highlights included strong performances by first time pitchers Colm Coughlan and Paddy Fleming. With veteran catchers Sam Marcus and Leah Hanley both unavailable on the day, Caoimhin Laoide-Kemp went behind the plate and proved more than capable, getting stronger throughout the day. Darren Gillen and Sean Crowley both produced much of the Mariners’ offense, with Darren driving in eight runs throughout the day and Sean going 6 for 8 with a walk. Michael Woods-O’Rourke and Daniel “Smiley” McGann also contributed at the plate, while Lance Thompson on defense made a great put out at first.

2006 Senior Youth Squad (U16s)
Updated September 23, 2006, with O’Farrell Cup result and awards (see below)

Season Record:
6 Wins, 2 Losses and 1 Tie

Game Results:

April 1 Glasgow 12, Mariners 5
April 1 Mariners 8, Glasgow 1
April 2 Glasgow 8, Mariners 3

May 13 Mariners 11, Scottish All-Stars 9
May 13 Mariners 20, Scottish All-Stars 9
May 14 Mariners 6, Scottish All-Stars 5
May 14 Scottish All-Stars 1, Mariners 1 (tie)

May 20 Mariners 22, Cork 1
May 20 Mariners 15, Portstewart 1

2006 O’Farrell Cup (U16s North-South Derby)
September 16 at Mariners Field
Final Score: South Side 6, North Side 5

U16 Squad Awards for 2006:

O’Farrell Cup MVP: Sam Marcus
Rookie of the Year: William Bluett
Silver Slugger: Ferdia Neary
Pitcher of the Year: Jack Fairbairn
Gold Glove: Sam Marcus
Player’s Player: Jack Fairbairn
Most Valuable Player: Leah Hanley
Ballplayer of the Year: Colm Coughlan

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