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2005 Youth League (U12s) Results

by pauleile
Friday 06 May 2005 – 22:16:56
Standings:??? ?P??? W??? L?? GB?????

Red Sox????????5?????3??? 2??? –?

Giants??????????? 3???? 2????1????1?

Dodgers??????? 4???? 2??? 2????? 2

Blue Jays?????? 2???? 0????2????? 3

MAY 14TH 10.00 am. Dodgers 2 V Giants 15 1.30 pm. Blue Jays 10 V Red Sox 13?

May 21st 12.30 pm. Blue Jays pp Giants

May 24th Tuesday 6.30pm. Red Sox 6 V Dodgers 5

May 28th 10.00 am. Giants 17 V Red Sox 1 12.30 pm. Dodgers 20 V Blue Jays 4

May 31st Tuesday 6.30 pm. Giants 3 V Red Sox 6
June 1st Wednesday 6.30 pm. Blue Jays V Dodgers

June 4th Bank Holiday Weekend – No Games

June 11th Games postponed due to mini tournament in Clondalkin

June 14th Tuesday 6.30 pm. Red Sox 0 V Dodgers 7 (wo)

June 25th Pick-up Game

July 2nd Barbeque – All-star Game (Rugby Club)

———————-Summer Holidays———————-

Aug. 27th 10.30am Pick-up Game

Sept. 3rd 10.30am Pick-up Game

Sept. 10th 10.00 am. Giants V Blue Jays

Sept. 17th 10.00 am. Blue Jays V Giants

Home team named second.
All games to be played in Burnaby Park on Saturdays except where indicated.
Games are 6 innings, unless 1 hour 45 mins has elapsed since the first pitch, by which time a new inning cannot start. A run limit of 6 runs per inning is in effect except for the final inning.
A team must field a minimum of 8 players or the game is forfeit.
If both teams are short players, the game should be rescheduled.
Games can be rescheduled in advance with the agreement of both coaches and umpires.

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