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2004 U12 Youth League Results

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Tuesday 19 October 2004 – 23:54:23

2004 U12 Youth League Results

League Champion: Blue Jays (8-0)
Dodgers (3-4-1)
Red Sox (3-4-1)
Giants (1-7)

27 April
U12 Youth League
Dodgers 17-16 Giants
WP: Bowie Thompson
Umpires: A. Farrell, C. O’Riordan
The 2004 youth League got underway yesterday evening in Burnaby Park with a thrilling, high scoring game between the Giants and the Dodgers. With only one fit pitcher and 7 runs given up early, a win looked unlikely for the Dodgers. But their pitcher Bowie Thompson settled down while his teammates started to score runs. George Van Dyck pitched consistently for the Giants but by the bottom of the 3rd inning the Dodgers had a 1 run lead. The Giants were not fazed and going into the final inning, doubles from Howard Beary and Leah Hanley saw them stretch their lead back to 5 runs; in the end however it wasn’t enough. 2 outs in the bottom of the inning down by 1, 2 runners on, it was Jojo Quilty who put the ball in play and brought home the tying and winning run for the Dodgers and a final score of 17-16.
It was a game that could have gone either way and the Giants will be dissapointed with the result. Congratulations must go to the Dodgers on this first win and particularly to Michael Quilty their new coach. (Report by pauleile)

28th April
U12 Youth League
Red Sox 7-9 Blue Jays
WP: Cameron Carr
Umpires: L. Farrell, S. Marcus

The Greystones Youth League featured its second close game in as many days Wednesday night when newcomers the Blue Jays beat the Red Sox at Burnaby Park. It was the first loss in a league game for the Sox since 2002 despite the champs’ coming out of the gate hard with some very aggressive base running. But the Blue Jays bats were alive, with winning pitcher Cameron Carr and Gray Pieri both hitting doubles and Katie Westrich getting on base with both a single and a double. The Red Sox made some great defensive plays including a pop up that pitcher Niall O’Riordan caught after it had bounced out of shortstop Aubrey Marshall’s glove, and a blistering line-drive stopped by third baseman George Feely, saving two runs from scoring. In the end, the Red Sox’s great defense and running game were not enough to defeat the impressive Jays who finished on top with a score of 9-7.

Red Sox 16, Giants 2
Their second games of the season would see the loser of this encounter the only team without a win and it was obvious from the 1st inning that the Red Sox were determined it wouldn’t be them. Once again their aggresive hitting and running style overwhelmed the opposition, and the Giants had no answer for it. Both Giants pitchers George Van Dyck and Jack Weifels pitched well, but with so many balls in play, the inexperienced Giant fielders could not cope and the game was beyond them before they could do anything about it. The Red Sox were backed up by an excellent pitching performance from Danny MacDonald who was assisted in the field, particularly by Kathy MacDonald who took away a sure double from Leah Hanely with a great catch in right field.

5th May
U12 Youth League
Dodgers 1-13 Blue Jays
Umpires: C. O’Riordan, J. Fairbairn

8th May
U12 Youth League
Blue Jays 12-6 Giants
The luckless Giants took on the league-leading unbeaten Blue Jays this Saturday and might have expected a resounding defeat. But it didn’t happen that way, and with a little good fortune this result could have been differant. Example: Sean Crowley’s knock-down and scramble to 2nd to take away a bases-loaded hit from William Bluett. The ball popping out of outfielder Conor O’Rourke’s glove after he made up ground to catch it at his feet. But that shouldn’t take away from the Blue Jays performance. As they have proved in all their games, they have solid pitching, good defence and excellent hitting, and are deserving of their undefeated status.

8th May
Red Sox 15-16 Dodgers

22-May 2004
Dodgers 14, Giants 13

22-May 2004
Blue Jays 13, Red Sox 6

Blue Jays 10, Giants 7
Home-plate Umpire: Leo Farrell
Field Umpire: Cian O?Riordan
Winning Pitcher: Gray Pieri
Looking for their fist win, once again the Giants (0-5) came close, this time to an upset against the undefeated Blue Jays (5-0). In perhaps the best game of the season so far, the Giants led by pitcher Jack Weifels, who had 8 strikeouts in 3 1/3 innings, held an early lead aided by strong hitting from George Van Dyck, Howard Beary (2 hits each) and William Bluett (a double). But by failing to score in 2 of the middle innings the Blue Jays caught up and even held the lead for an inning. Strong fielding particularly by Giant centre-fielder Conor ?Rourky? O?Rourke who plucked 2 fly-balls from the air kept the teams close and with it all square going into the final inning this encounter could have gone either way. But Blue Jay pitcher Gray Pieri helped himself and his team to the win by hitting a 2 run homer in the top of the 6th and then shutting down the Giants bats to end the game. Another loss for the Giants, but they should take heart from the words of the Blue Jay coaches Conn Crowley and Vance Maloney when they declared the Giants the best and toughest team they have faced so far this season.

Red Sox 15, Dodgers 14
Home-plate Umpire: Reilly Porter
Field Umpire: Michael Woods-O’Rourke
Winning Pitcher: Danny MacDonald

Giants 18 Red Sox 13
Winning Pitcher: George Van Dyck
Home-plate Umpire: Jack Fairbairn-Warner
Field Umpire: Alan Farrell
It took them 6 games, but the Giants (1-5) have tasted that winning feeling at last, and find themselves wearing the Dodger?s rally caps as they came from 13-1 down to overtake the Red Sox (2-4) 18-13 in 6 innings. It was an apt farewell for Jack Weifels their starting pitcher who played his last game before returning to California. While the Giants pitchers struggled early, Niall O?Riordan the Red Sox starter allowed only 1 Giant baserunner in the opening 2 innings and with their usual hitting and running game bringing in the runs, it looked all over for the Giants after 3 innings. When the Giants runs eventually started to come in, their fielding improved immensely, exemplified by Howard Beary?s spectacular diving catch behind 3rd base, and with the Red Sox failing to score in the 4 and 5th innings the scene was set for an exciting final inning.
The Giants scored 8 in the top of the 6th to take a 5 run lead and then closed down the Red Sox with two fly-outs to end the game. It was no more than these Giants deserved for all their hard work in training.

Blue Jays 16 Dodgers 8
Winning Pitcher: Gray Pieri
Home-plate Umpire: Cian O?Riordan
Field Umpire: Reilly Porter

Red Sox 17 Dodgers 17
Home-plate Umpire: Jack Fairbairn-Warner
Field Umpire: Sam Marcus
It was one win each before tonight in the head-to-heads so far between these teams ? so this was billed as the key contest in the race for second place in the league behind the high-flying Blue Jays.

Batting first, the Red Sox put on 2 runs in the 1st but the Dodgers responded with 6 of their own despite lead-off hitter Liam Walsh?s fly being expertly caught on the run in foul territory by first baseman Danny McDonald. In the 2nd inning the Red Sox got some good hits and base steals to score 4 runs and the Dodgers couldn’t score so it was 6-6 going into the 3rd. This time Dodger?s pitcher Bowie Thompson found his rhythm and the team?s fielding tightened up ? including an excellent catch in deep centre field by David O?Rourke. The Red Sox could only make one run while the Dodgers added 3, making it 9-7 going into the 4th. Red Sox added 2 but the Dodgers extended their lead to 5 reading the pitches well. Score 14-9. In the 5th it was the Red Sox?s turn to score 5 and when it was their turn to field, coach Rory O?Riordan?s pitching change worked when Danny McDonald pitched brilliantly, stopping the Dodgers from scoring the one run they needed to win. 14 each and extra-innings time!

The Red Sox took the lead for the first time in the match, scoring 3 including a home run by Niall O’Riordan. With tension at fever-pitch the Dodgers extra inning started with controversy. Lead off hitter Ferdia Neary hit a fine line drive that appeared to have bounced in play and cleared third base before going into ?foul territory?. However he was called back from 1st base when the umpire, after much debate, called it foul. Neary was then struck out ? a potentially game changing moment. Aoife Gillen, Kyle Crinnion and Coaimhin Laoide-Kemp then all got home thanks to a fine base hit by Eoin Mardrosian. With 2 ?outs? the Dodgers still needed one to win and the final act also featured Eoin as he pluckily tried to score it. But it was not to be, as he was skilfully tagged at home plate by catcher and heart-beat of the Red Sox team, Siobhan O?Riordan. With the evening light fading the coaches decided to shake hands and call it ?honours even? ? a tie!!

Report submitted by Michael Quilty.

Giants 14 Blue Jays 15
Winning Pitcher: Cameron Carr
Home-plate Umpire: Sam Marcus
Field Umpire: Lance Thompson

It?s hard to say what more the Giants (1-6) could have done to defeat the league winning Blue Jays (7-0) last night, not just in this game but in all the games this pair have played against each other this season; but for the Giants it was not to be. With each game, they inched closer to a victory against the undefeated Blue Jays, but again last night the strong battery of Cameron Carr and Gray Pieri, aided by consistent hitting and fielding, in particular from Katie Westrich, Nick Maloney, Ben McQuillan and Sean Crowley, proved decisive against a determined and focused Giant team.
Giant pitcher George Van Dyck kept the Blue Jays to just 1 run in the first 3 innings, and with his team mates scoring runs they ran out to a 7-1 lead. Willy ?B? Bluett had a perfect on base percentage scoring 3 times, rookie ?Shoeless Dan? O?Byrne and Killian Armstrong got on base 4 times each and brought in 5 runs between them and Howard Beary had a 4 for 5 night at the plate also scoring 3 runs. With Leah Hanley continuing to grow as a catcher holding steals to a minimum, the game was progressing nicely for the Giants; until they conceded 7 runs in the 4th to go behind for the first time. But these Giants don?t give in easily and had clawed back a 2 run lead heading into the bottom of the 6th before the Blue Jays scoring machine brought in 3 runs to seal their 7th victory of the season.
The kind words of respect from the Blue Jays coaches should be comfort to the Giants, who despite being bottom of the standings, are feared the most by the league winners.

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