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Mariners reach final for first time

Greystones Mariners A progress to final against the Hurricanes after beating the Spartans 11-7. What started out as a tense affair with the Spartans maintaining a 1-0 lead until the the 5th inning turned into an offensive day with a total of 14 hits for the Mariners. It was Jack Fairbairn’s lead-off double that ignited the offense in the 5th inning. Jack Farrell followed up with a checked swing single to score Jack Fairbairn. Leo Farrell singled and Jaime Cuevas doubled on a deep ball to right field scoring both brothers on an overthrow at home. The following inning 3 three straight singles from Gareth, Jack and Mark started the offense. Gareth would single again in the same inning and suddenly the Mariners were leading 9-1 against the perennial champs. Daniel Woodburne (Woody) managed to subdue the Spartans for most of the game. He was replaced by Jack Farrell in the 7th. After showing some control issues Jaime Cuevas took over from him and closed out the game. The Spartans would not go down easy and managed to score two runs in the last three innings to make it a tense affair. The Dublin Spartans have won the last 8 playoffs and have a total of 12 championships to their name. The Greystones Mariners hope to be first time winners as they face the Hurricanes in the final this Saturday in Corkagh park.


Mariners semifinal winners

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