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Dublin Huricanes Vs Greystones Mainers 01/04/12

After a week nothing but sunshine, I am sure that I speak for the team in saying that every one was eagerly anticipating the first game of the season and we certainly could not have been rewarded with a better day for our perseverance. After the disappointments of last season the Mariners were eager to take to the field and bury last year in the depths of their minds. The Mariners off-season had been a busy one, with the untimely retirement of Greystones future HOF Steve Stone due to injury the Mariners had a big hole to fill at 2nd base and the number four spot in the batting order, but a young and versatile Mariner team was more than up to the task. The Mariners were also given a huge boost with the acquiring one of the league legends Jaime Cuevas and the return of Rob McGarry who had taken a year out to hone his baseball skills learning new and exotic approaches to the game by traveling around the world. With the Mariners being the away team they batted first and had a relatively quite first inning with Rob McGarry reaching on base through error and the rest of the order flying out. The Mariners then took to the field with the returning skipper Leo Farrell on the mound. Leo started very strong by retiring the side in order with an array of pitches.  Cormac Eklof and The Canes responded however with their own 1-2-3 and thus both side still remained hitless. Leo started the 2nd strong once again retiring the first batter he faced, however after a dodgy ruling of hit by pitch, and a combination of the Canes bats beginning to awaken and a few walks and errors, the Canes were 5 runs ahead. The Mariners were robbed of a chance to leave the bases loaded and no damage done when a ball was hard hit to the third baseman Jack Fairbairn who threw home only for the runner to be called dubiously safe. But no matter, the Mariners bat were soon to have their own say. With a lead of single from Paddy Fleming the Mariners got their first hit of season, Jack Farrell then reached on a fielders choice and a Rob McGarry walked. With two outs and two runners on Leo Farrell then singles to load the bases. This brought up Jaime Cuevas who then cracked a 2 RBI double into the gap to bring the Mariners within 3 runs, Cian O’ Riordan followed up with his own sharp line drive to bring in another runner, we now have a ball game on ours hands with only 2 runs in it. With a new found confidence in themselves the Mariners took to the field again, however the canes responded again and through a few singles and a walk the Canes had themselves another 3 runs to make the score 8-3. Dennis Donnelly then came in to relieve for Leo, and proceeded to pitch two scoreless innings. The game then came down to the top of the 7th and the Mariners knew a lot had to be done, with 5 runs in it this was their last chance to stage a comeback and take their opening game. Chuck Adams opening up the inning with a single, Leo was then hit by a pitch, runners on first and second now, no outs. Jaime then steps up and once again delivers in a clutch situation with an RBI single. Runners at 2nd and 3rd no outs and the score at 8-5. Cian O Riordan steps up with already a single to his name, once again he saw his pitch and proceeded to smash it over the centre fielder’s head for a cleanly hit 2 RBI Double, game is now 8-6 with a runner at 2nd. Dennis Donnelly then cracked his first hit of the season to move Cian over to third and leave himself at 1st. Jack Fairbairn then stepped up with a double and a hard line out already under his belt takes and an outside pitch and slaps it to right field, bringing in Cian from three and moving Dennis over to third. The game now stands at 8-7 to the Canes with a runner of 1st and 3rd and NO OUTS. This however is when this fairy tale ended, with two very nice plays by the Pitcher Steve Devito that held Dennis at three and a soft pop up by Paddy Fleming left the game as it was at 8-7 to the Hurricanes. While not a victory, the Mariners left the field with newfound confidence and drive to keep striving for better results. The game also showed just how well the Mariners can hit and shout outs to Leo and Jack Farrell who made up the battery today, both having never started an A game before in either of those positions. The team as a whole had combined for 8 hits, no K’s and an  OBP of  .378, needless to say today was only the very tip of the iceberg and all signs from today indicate that the Mariners no doubt will have a prosperous season with full of triumphs and trophies. Jack Fairbairn Line up 1.  Rob McGarry RF 2.  Chuck Adams SS 3.  Leo Farrell P/CF 4.  Jaime Ceauvas 1st 5.  Cian O’Riordan LF/2nd 6.  Dennis Donnelly 2nd/ P 7.  Jack Fairbairn 3rd 8.  Paddy Fleming CF/LF 9.  Jack Farrell C

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